How invoice scanning & capture solutions can reduce business costs

The latest invoice scanning and software capture/processing solutions can help significantly reduce business costs. Capturing and processing information from invoices is a costly overhead often overlooked by UK companies –  on average it can cost up to £20 just to process one invoice.

Most companies spend a significant amount of time and effort manually sorting and processing hundreds or thousands of invoices on a daily basis.  Have you took the time to analyse the number and level of staff involved in processing these documents?  It  varies from business to business, but you can guarantee a large amount of Senior Management involvement for authorisation and issue management.  Just think what this is costing your business.

Invoice scanning, intelligent capture solutions and automated processing software can help reduce processing costs to between 50p – £1, a large saving if your processing thousands of invoices on a daily basis.

So what options and solutions are available?  Invoice scanning and processing bureaus like Cleardata UK Ltd can:-

  • Set up a virtual mail room for your invoices.  Have your invoices scanned on arrival
  • Capture key invoice fields, such as date, amount, invoice number, description and supplier name  using ReadSoft’s intelligent data capture software
  • Upload key data into your own financial systems.
  • A unique online invoicing solution offering a fully managed automated invoice processing solution, incorporating purchase order matching, supplier, procurement and contract management combined with easily accessible financial reporting.

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