Looking to reduce your business processing costs?

Are you looking to reduce your business paper processing costs? reduce processing costs 300x210 Looking to reduce your business processing costs?

Start the New Year by analysing your existing paper processes and consider scanning and outsourcing as a solution to help reduce your costs.

Many companies use paper forms to obtain customer data,  and processing/capture can be a costly drain on your business. Paper forms can produce large amounts of manual data entry to capture important information into key systems for processing and analysis.

How to assess your costs for paper forms and processing…

This can be a challenging task for a large company, but make a start by auditing all your existing paper forms.

  • How many different forms, versions and types do you send out per month?
  • What are your monthly printing, postage and stationary costs?
  • How many staff are processing these forms?
  • How much time is spent on average digitising  and processing the information?
  • Are various teams/departments spending time entering duplicate data from multiple forms?

Manual data entry can cause problems such as:-

  • Inaccurate information due to human error
  • Wasted time – multiple users and departments entering duplicate information from different form types
  • Inconsistent data entry – causing problems for analysis and reporting

What alternative solutions are available for paper processing?

Document scanning can help reduce your processing costs, removing manual data entry from your processes.

  • The latest scanning technology, combined with clever form design and intelligent capture software can be used to process your paper information more efficiently and improve data accuracy.
  • Bureaus like Cleardata can help design forms for you with scanning capture in mind. Cleardata  scans and captures documents day in day out, enabling us to provide expert advice for the best form design for optimum scanning capture.
  • Bar-codes can also be used on forms, e.g.  surveys or application forms,  to pre-capture  certain fields and information, immediately reducing processing costs and improving consistency of entered information
  • Scanning software can transform paper records into searchable digital data.  Information can be indexed by key fields and exported for import into your own systems.
For further information on document scanning and data capture visit www.cleardata.co.uk