Can scanning and intelligent data capture help your annual reporting?

If your company publishes an annual, environmental or corporate social responsibility report, you’ll know the process of gathering and verifying all this information can be lengthy and time consuming.  Pulling together facts and figures from various departments, in multiple locations can be a difficult task and involve large amounts of manual paperwork processing.

Auditing your information can  involve mountains of paperwork being indexed in various manners to meet the multiple regulatory and reporting requirements by internal and external auditors.

Scanning, On-line Document Management and Intelligent Data Capture Can Help

Companies like Cleardata offer bulk document scanning services, combined with intelligent data capture and on-line hosted document management solutions.  This can help automate the data gathering process and give your corporate team access to the latest accurate information.

Documents and information can be scanned and uploaded to the on-line solution and indexed by any required field e.g. document type, name, and date.  Once uploaded they can be digitally searched from any location.   This can be done throughout the year, with users adding a simple tag  e.g. environment report evidence, together with an audit reference number, providing a digital audit trail for your reporting documentation.  No software is required, the system can be accessed via a simple web browser.  User permissions and passwords can be set by level.

Intelligent capture software can also be used to extract key information from documents to update facts and figures.  For example,  environmental reporting forms e.g. waste certificates, may contain the amount of waste recycled for a specific depot or location.  These forms can be scanned and the software can be set up to automatically detect areas on the form to intelligently recognise and extract key information.

Data can then be exported into any required output e.g. csv or excel.  This reduces staff time spent manually processing facts and information and can be processed throughout the year, making your annual reporting process easier.

Accounts payable solutions are also available to totally  automate  the entire AP process. Digitising invoices and financial documentation can help keep track of spend and provide up to date, compliant financial information for your business.

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