How can scanning help your office run smoothly?

It’s September already, the kids are back to school (phew) and it’s time to think Scanning Indexing 300x200 How can scanning help your office run smoothly?about tidying up your office. Everyone knows a tidy office can help your business run more smoothly and efficiently. Lets consider the options to get rid of some of that paperwork hanging around, back up your data,  improve customer service and reduce some costs.

Document Scanning

How much of your office space is used up by documents and files? 

Scanning can help free up a significant amount of office space, you may even be able to fit in extra desks and staff and avoid the dreaded office move.

How much time do your staff waste searching for paper records?

Lost documents and paperwork can cause massive amounts of time to be wasted and cause issues for your business. Digital documents can be indexed by field, e.g. date, document number or customer name and searched digitally using keyword search from your desktop.  Scanning your documents can help you deliver customer information and management reports faster and more efficiently.  Staff time can also be re-allocated to core business activities and improve productivity.

Are your paper records securely backed up?  How would your business be affected if you suffered a fire or flood?

Consider who currently has access to your paper records e.g. client, personnel and company information. As a company you should be compliant with the Data Protection Act and have business continuity plans for your information.  Scanning your records can provide a secure back up for your documents and secure accessibility to your information.

Do you need to access your records offsite?

Digital records can be uploaded to a secure on-line document management system.  This allows staff to have flexible access to information from any location, using a web browser.  Documents can also be uploaded and stored in their original format, e.g. word or excel.  Scanning Bureau’s like Cleardata offer a secure on-line document management system, with password protected access at a user level.  Users can also add notes and messages to documents and assign job tasks to other users in the system.

Would you like to go paperless?

Documents can be diverted to a digital mail room and scanned on arrival. Once scanned, information can be uploaded to an on-line solution or via a secure FTP site.  Taking away the paper from your company and improving efficiencies in your business.

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