What is the correct resolution to use when scanning documents?

What is the correct resolution for document scanning?  Today we’ll be focusing on the basics of scanning resolution and the optimum resolution when scanning for OCR (optical character recognition) and  barcode reading software.

The basics about scanning resolution and dots per inch (DPI).

  • When you scan an image, the camera on the scanner recognises the information in the span or area of 1 inch (that’s 2.54 centimetres to all of you working in metric).
  • DPI, translates as dots per inch, the number of points the scanner’s camera can recognise in that space.  The average scanner normally captures scans at 200 DPI (here’s an illustration for you).
  • dots per inch What is the correct resolution to use when scanning documents?The higher the resolution the more dots per inch and detail captured.
  • The quality captured at 200 dpi  is much better on a high quality scanner compared to the same resolution on a no frills scanner.
  • If you haven’t got the right equipment, turn to a scanning bureau like Cleardata, who have invested in the latest Kodak technology.

Scanning for Barcode Reading and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Software

Before you start your scanning job, you need to set up a test on a sample of the images, to make sure you get the best results for your OCR or Barcode Reading Software.

These types of software can often confuse characters and provide inaccurate results. This can occur if your documents have lots of noise around the text, caused by photocopying, old documents, crumpled paper and unclean messy images.

Before running each job, Cleardata’s scanning team always tests every combination on the scanners to maximise performance, quality and accuracy.  These tests include trying various scanners, resolutions and settings and outputting the information to the OCR or barcode software, to gauge the best results for the job.

For example, when scanning for OCR or barcode, usually it’s a good idea to scan at 300 dpi. But, if you have unclean images it’s sometimes better to scan at a lower resolution e.g. 200 dpi.  This stops the scanner picking up too much detail and confusing the software and can ultimately provide better OCR results.

Cleardata’s scanning bureau uses highly sophisticated OCR software, with two to three built in OCR engines.  When each of these are applied it provides  the best quality capture results. This software is becoming increasingly advanced and is now able to recognise strings of text within documents, enabling sorting and classification by document type.

I hope you’ve found this useful, Cleardata provides professional document scanning services throughout the UK, for further information visit www.ukdocumentscanningservices.co.uk or call 0800 046 8081.


How HR departments can benefit from digitally storing documents

Document Scanning Company, Cleardata is helping to transform the way Human Scanning Indexing1 300x200 How HR departments can benefit from digitally storing documentsResources  (HR) departments work across the UK by scanning paper records and securing key records.

Cleardata can scan any size of HR document from holiday forms and time sheets, to employee application forms and appraisals.   Records can be uploaded to an online document management system, allowing staff to access them safely and securely from anywhere, saving precious time that would have been wasted wading through paperwork. The document management system allows users to search and find all related documents quickly and easily and saves time on manual data entry and paperwork administration.

The company, meets security compliance standards for the NHS, Local Government and blue chip businesses.  Accredited to ISO27001, the highest standard for Information Security, Cleardata helps ensure personnel records and information are kept safely and securely.

David Bryce Cleardata’s Managing Director said: “Cleardata aims to help companies cut costs by reducing time spent on manual tasks such as filing and retrieving paper records, we use state of the art scanning technology and clever software to help digitise information and automate manual processes. We are currently working with a number of HR departments to reduce paperwork and improve efficiencies. We can help companies design forms, designed for optimum scanning capture, to reduce time spent on data entry and thereby save them both time and money.”


To find out more  contact Cleardata on 0800 046 8081 or visit www.ukdocumentscanningservices.co.uk

Document management for the Construction industry

Are you looking to improve your Construction Project Management?  Construction Records Scanning 300x179 Document management for the Construction industryDocument scanning and online document management maybe the solution for your business. Construction project management can be challenging for large projects with multiple locations and staff working out in the field.

Digitising your documents can improve efficiencies for your team, protect your information and free up valuable office space.

Once scanned any type of document, including large format drawings and plans can be indexed by drawing number or unique reference, enabling them to be searched and retrieved using a simple keyword facility.

Plans and large format documents are scanned using the latest OCE technology, this picks up feint pencil markings, colour and black and white in a high quality. Linen, vellum and other drawing materials can be scanned or copied to your requirements.

Cleardata also offers an online document management solution, enabling construction documents to be stored in a secure system and retrieved in their original format from any location, using a web browser. This is ideal for staff working out and about, to access information and add the latest updates to your project.  Back office staff benefit from having access to updates and information for key projects.

Notes, tasks and messages, such as project updates or instructions can be added to plans or documents and assigned to users within your organisation, providing a full audit trail for your construction documentation.

For further details call 0800 046 8081 or email sales@cleardata.co.uk


Hello from Cleardata scanning!

Hello there,

Welcome to Cleardata’s scanning blog, we’re delighted to start our own news and Scanning Indexing 300x200 Hello from Cleardata scanning!scanning tips blog and will be sharing our latest updates, tips and information on document  scanning here.

We’ll be talking about how document scanning and management can help businesses reduce costs through improved efficiencies, freeing up valuable office space, reducing paperwork and improving data protection.

This week we’ll be focusing on Construction and HR Document Management.

Our IT team will also be sharing some of their quick fixes for scanning issues and some tips on how to scan efficiently.

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