How digitising your documents protects them from flood risk

The UK is currently experiencing excessive heavy rain, with the Environment Agency issuing a three day flood risk forecast  and 78 flood warnings. Businesses should be considering their continuity plans to ensure their information and paperwork is protected.  Digital document management and document scanning can prevent loss of information and provide more flexible access to records in the event of a flood.

Loosing essential documentation, such as client information, orders or  HR records to flood damage can set businesses back both operationally and financially.  Staff  unable to access their normal work location due to  flooding, transportation or school closure can cost your business time and money.

Scanning your documents not only backs up and secures your records, but can also make them more accessible.  Once scanned documents can be uploaded to an on line document management system, enabling them to be securely accessed from any location, using a simple web browser.  During times of flood this would enable employees to access important records from another office location.

Scanning can also help free up valuable office space and enable employees to find information faster.  Documents can be digitally searched using a simple keyword facility from their desktop, reducing time spent searching through paper records.

Any size of documents can be scanned and output to digital format.  Bureau’s like Cleardata provide high quality scanning using the latest technology and are set up to capture bulk volumes of documents and information.

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