Cost saving document management solutions for the public sector

Local authority and public sector organisations currently have  business transformation at the top of their agendas, with cost savings crucial in the current economy. Document management should be a key consideration for the business transformation process.  Paperless offices can bring significant costs savings to the public sector, through less manual processing, freeing up both staff time and valuable office space.

Scanning paper records combined with the latest mobile technology and software solutions can create efficient document management workflow, automate invoice processing,  give back office staff live access to field workers job information, intelligently capture data and back up key records.

What sort of records can be handled?  Any type of paper record can be scanned and indexed, for example:-

  • Personnel and HR records – staff information is sensitive and must be handled with care.  Digitising HR records can help organisations find employee records faster and help comply with the data protection act.   E.g. leavers records can be scanned and found quickly  if a reference is requested from a prospective employer, freeing up valuable office space.
  • Financial records – invoices and financial documents can be digitised on arrival, capturing and extracting key fields for direct important into existing finance systems.  Automated AP software can cut invoice processing time in half , reducing wasted staff time, improving accuracy and financial reporting information.
  • Paper Surveys – can be diverted to a virtual mail room, scanned and indexed on arrival and uploaded to an on-line hosted document management system.  Key fields can be extracted using intelligent capture software.
  • Paper Forms –  reporting customer call information e.g. health and social care, highways, environment or education,  can be a lengthy process, using up valuable staff time.   Digitally hosted forms can help reduce staff time recording details, increase accuracy and security and improve the overall customer experience.
  • Drawings and plans – large format drawings and plans can be scanned and indexed by record number and returned in digital format.  This can help protect old drawings, e.g. highway records and help find drawings faster, using a simple keyword search tool.
  • Claims management – claims forms can be handled and received via a digital mail room and uploaded to an on-line hosted document management system.

How scanning and document management solutions can help?

Cost savings – document management costs are often overlooked.  Examine how much is spent on document storage, office space, stationary, paper, telephone calls, printing and postage costs within your organisation.

Staff Time  - Consider how much time is spent by office and field based staff and clients completing paper forms and processing information?  How many paper records are lost and how much time do you spend searching through paper?

How secure is your data and who has access to your paper records –  Where are your paper records kept? Are you complying with the data protection act?

  • Once digitised, documents can be uploaded to a secure on-line hosted document management system, enabling flexible access from anywhere to authorised staff.
  • Only those with authorisation can view the documents, providing secure, compliant document management for your organisation.
  • A full document audit trail is provided, with staff able to upload documents in their native format, helping your business to be compliant.

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