5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Go Paperless

Managing company files can be a costly task for businesses choosing to stick with paper documents. A number of factors ranging from excessive financial cost to unnecessarily wasted time can come out of a company unwilling to switch to paperless processes. Here are five key reasons why a business needs to make the switch to a paperless office today.

Saved Space

paperless 2 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Go Paperless By converting your physical documents into digital format, your company could save a substantial amount of office space. Consider how much space twenty-eight three-drawer filing cabinets would take up. Now imagine if every one of them was filled with paper documents. If you were to scan those documents, they could all fit on to just one DVD. A little easier to store, wouldn’t you agree?


More Efficient

paperless 5 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Go Paperless Most office workers can appreciate the frustration in searching for one particular document in a mass of stored files and folders. A recent European-wide study found that 32% of offices described their storage system as ‘chaotic’, with a simple task such as retrieving a particular document turning into a mammoth effort. This wasted time could be eliminated by switching to scanned files, which can be indexed and later retrieved on a simple to search online content management system.

Lower Costs

paperless 6 300x200 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Go Paperless Storing important documents onsite will incur a number of ongoing costs, all of which will quickly mount up. Staff time taken up when finding physical documents and cost of extra space needed to store a growing amount of onsite documents are just two of the issues faced with companies choosing not to convert their files into a digital format. Scanned documents can be stored on a company’s server, and staff time previously needed to search for documents is practically eliminated, allowing them to focus on core business activities.

Greater Security

paperless 3 300x300 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Go Paperless In the previously mentioned study, 49% of firms said they stored their paper files onsite and in filing cabinets. Such a system leaves these documents prone to theft or damage. By converting to digital files, important physical documents can be protected in secure document storage. Digital files can also be securely retrievable via an encrypted FTP site or content management system such as DART).

Environmentally Friendly

paperless 4 300x213 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Go Paperless Deforestation and the further production of greenhouse gases are just two of the negative environmental factors that result from businesses depending on using paper in their day-to-day activities. By going paperless, a company can help reduce these damaging factors and join a growing list of businesses working towards a more sustainable document management process.


Secure document storage – just how safe are your company’s files?

documentsecurity 292x300 Secure document storage   just how safe are your companys files?Security is paramount for companies working with personal and financial information regularly. Medical records, company revenue documents and the financial information of clients are just some of the types of files which must stay in the hands of those authorised to view them. By handling this sensitive information, companies must be able to provide reassurance that these documents are safe and secure.

But just how safe are these documents in your company, and what are some of the potential hazards to the safety of these files that should be considered?

Companies handling sensitive documents must provide a guarantee that personal files are kept away from unauthorised people. Investing in the most advanced security systems could be impractical for companies because of budget or space restrictions, and so files are instead stored in simple filing cabinets or cupboards. Such a system may seem fine now, but if a shady individual wanted to get at these documents, these simple storage options would not provide much resistance.

As a UK based business, we at Cleardata are used to the wet weather. But last years floods brought much more misery then the typical rainy-day blues, with the downpour causing an estimated £1billion of damage throughout the country. Offices and warehouses which were located in flooded areas suffered irreversible damage to company stock, furniture and, most worryingly, company files.

Fire is of course another potentially destructive hazard to documents. Smoke detectors are effective in noticing a fire once it has begun, but by this stage, it could have already caused significant damage.

securedocumentstorage 300x200 Secure document storage   just how safe are your companys files?The solution to the problem of having potentially exposed sensitive documents is to utilise a company who can provide a trusted and secure environment for these documents to be housed in. Cleardata Archive offer a purpose-built facility protected by an array of security features and safety protocols.

A VESDA system provides protection against potential fires, with its smoke detection system able to measure heightened levels of airborne carbon particles in the atmosphere, effectively alerting to a fire before it has even begun. Flood detection sensors are installed throughout the facility, which can alert warehouse staff to any water on the floor of the building. Due to all storage boxes being stored on raised shelving, this allows for an immediate response and transfer of all boxes to a safe environment before any water damage can occur.

The Cleardata archive buildings are monitored by 24 hour remote CCTV and Redcare security, and biometric fingerprint scanners are required to gain access to the facility, ensuring all people are authorised. Cleardata’s staff are fully disclosure checked, and the company hold ISO27001 and ISO9001 accreditations for Information Security and Quality Management systems.

By choosing Cleardata for your company’s document storage, the security of your important documents are guaranteed.

You can find out more about Cleardata’s secure document storage, or you can head over to our document storage website to get an Instant Quote for your document storage needs.

Why are more housing associations choosing to go paperless with Cleardata?

housing association document management Why are more housing associations choosing to go paperless with Cleardata?The housing sector is establishing itself as one of the fastest growing industries utilising Cleardata’s document storage, scanning and management service. In fact, with just two months gone of 2013, the sector already looks well on the way to posting its strongest annual results yet. So why are more and more companies within the housing sector deciding to use Cleardata?

Housing associations have to cope with a large amount of paperwork on a daily basis, including tenancy agreements, HR documents, surveys and financial information, and attempting to store these documents on company premises will gradually take up valuable office space. Instead, housing associations are seeking smarter and more efficient methods of document storage and management. By storing documents within Cleardata’s purpose built 27,000 foot storage facility, housing associations are managing to free up office space whilst retaining the security of their documents.

Cleardata Scanning 682x1024 Why are more housing associations choosing to go paperless with Cleardata?But Cleardata provides much more than just a storage solution for companies within the housing industry. The wide variety of documents processed and used by companies within this sector can be digitised via Cleardata’s on-site scanning bureau, effectively transforming an enormous quantity of physical documents into a chosen digital format, such as PDF or TIFF. These files can be provided in a variety of ways  depending on the client’s needs, including on a CD, DVD, memory stick, content management system or secure FTP site. Documents of all sizes can be scanned and digitised, thanks to Cleardata’s further investment in three top of the line large format scanners. Not only will this process provide a massive reduction in storage space taken up, but company files will be fully searchable and indexed. After being passed through Cleardata’s quality checking team, optical character recognition software will allow for text in scanned documents to be fully searchable, allowing for specific files to be pulled up simply and quickly. Cleardata’s indexing process can be set to sort documents to the customer’s chosen format, including name, property address and location reference.

Housing companies are also recognising the strength of Cleardata’s ‘Scan on Demand’ service. After filling out a simple file request form, authorised personnel can retrieve a scanned and quality checked document from the Cleardata bureau within a guaranteed two-hour period. In essence, this unique service turns the Cleardata storage facility into an extension of a company’s own office, as they have the ability to quickly retrieve any document they have chose to store with Cleardata.

With these facts in mind, it is understandable why more companies within the housing sector are choosing to entrust their documents with Cleardata. For more information on how your company can utilise Cleardata for your document storage, scanning and management needs, you can contact us in the following ways:

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How Cleardata can manage documents for companies in the Engineering sector

Engineering Document Management 1024x523 How Cleardata can manage documents for companies in the Engineering sector

Managing your engineeringdocuments and records digitally can help your business operate more efficiently, protect your records, reduce costs and save time searching for and retrieving paper information.

Engineering documents, plans, diagrams and manuals often require regular access for operational, maintenance and project management purposes.  Urgent projects can be delayed if the relevant information or plans are not readily available.

Many companies now operate from multiple offices and locations, resulting in multiple copies of paperwork and information, which can in itself cause issues with document version control, records access and document security.

Document Scanning and Management Solutions

Document scanning bureaus like Cleardata can scan your engineering documents and convert them to any required digital format. Once digitised documents can be digitally indexed, allowing you to find information faster using simple keyword search straight form your desktop.  Records can also be digitally stored by name, date or reference number and tagged with the relevant information and metadata.

Digitising your records can also improve document security.  Rather than storing paper information in a filing cabinet with open access to all employees, documents can be securely stored and backed up, with restricted access to managers, project teams or individuals.  On-line document management tools are also available, providing a secure audit trail for all your documentation.

Scanning bureaus use the latest technology, enabling records to be scanned quickly, accurately and to high quality, picking up feint pencil lines and information. Engineering documents of any size can be scanned, including small and large format documents.

To find out more call 0800 046 8081 or visit www.ukdocumentscanningservices.co.uk